Excellent translator of terms and phrases, based on themes

EasyTalk is an excellent two-way translator/ travel phrasebook. It is the only editable dictionary for PalmOS platform. The program is useful during trips and voyages abroad, on vacation and in the process of learning of foreign language. Perfectly replaces traditional phrasebook or mini dictionary. EasyTalk gives you the resources you need to learn faster and to maintain your vocabulary in any of the six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish (all 6 languages included!).
Full version of the program consists of over 12000 expressions and phrases from all areas of the day life, organized into ten intuitive categories (such as Accommodation, Traveling, Shopping, Health Care, etc).
The User can set any language (out of 6 available languages) as menu language and independently choose any combination of languages for translation, e.g. menu language: English and translation from French to Spanish.

In the latest release of the program (v1.55) you will find all those useful features which other similar programs are missing:

  • possibility to save translated words to Memo
  • search option (two modes to choose from: 'string mode' and 'word mode')
  • possibility to change menu language at any time (6 languages available and more to come)
  • extensive vocabulary
  • possibility to edit language databases
  • possibility to add own words



EasyTalk 1.55